M2G Launches MoodAnalyzer

Posted: 2/8/2018 - Last Updated: 2/8/2018
M2G Analytics recently launched MoodAnalyzer®, a patent-pending, natural-language, processing-based customer sentiment and social media business intelligence solution. MoodAnalyzer® is powered by Magnifact and captures casinoscustomer/player sentiments across their entire operations, from the gaming floor to resort/retail to F&B and entertainment venues. It provides management with a comprehensive view and actionable intelligence/analytics to monitor, measure, and respond to customer feedback in real-time. Similar to CDA (Casino Database Analytics), M2G’s sister AI platform, which supports the host & player development side of the business, MoodAnalyzer® also incorporates machine learning to provide predictive information regarding casinos’ customer behavior.
MoodAnalyzer®’s intelligent business solution analyzes data derived from public and private sources, including social media, review sites, blogs, proprietary customer surveys, text, e-mail, phone-to-text and web traffic. It then transform this data into actionable information, providing management with one single comprehensive platform for responding to customer sentiment, measured both near-term as well as over a longer continuum.
MoodAnalyzer® is the latest component of M2G’s expanding suite of artificial intelligence products designed to optimize performance for the global casino industry.said Cory Morowitz, M2G Managing Partner. As opposed to other solutions, which are backward-looking periodic compilations or reports of feedback derived from select sources, the MoodAnalyzer® solution pulls from a wide universe of medium, including internal data, to allow management to measure, respond to and/or reward customer feedback or sentiment positive & negative in real-time. This results in better yield management and customer retention, and provides a more immediate yardstick for measuring return-on-capital investment.”
MoodAnalyzer® is a natural-language technology solution we have been developing for some time for several industries, including for M2G to deploy across the casino industry globally.” added Krish V. Krishnan, Magnifact’s Chief Executive Officer. Our proprietary platform offers businesses the ability to apply patented sentiment analysis grounded in hard data and predictive intelligence to develop bespoke solutions to drive customer service and increase market share.
M2G Analytics, a specialized business intelligence, data analytics & visualization SaaS provider, is a collaboration of GGH Morowitz, a leading global gaming industry consultancy and advisor, and Magnifact, a leader in data visualization, AI, and machine learning solutions. MoodAnalyzer® is a registered service mark of Magnifact, LLC used under a license agreement, and there is currently a patent pending for the MoodAnalyzer® platform.
To learn more, please contact: Cory Morowitz, M2G Analytics Managing Partner, at cmorowitz@m2ganalytics.com or (609) 652-6472 or visit www.m2ganalytics.com


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